Welcome, I'm Stephanie Larsen.


I am a sex therapist and licensed psychotherapist.  I have advanced training in clinical psychology and sexual health to help you be more successful in your life and relationships.  I started my practice in 2015 and have been practicing therapy for 8 years.  I specialize in sex therapy, trauma, interpersonal conflicts, mood and anxiety disorders.  I use talk therapy combined with mind-body therapy (mindfulness and yoga) to help you more fully tackle obstacles from a dual approach. 


Please contact me today at (312) 608-0097. I look forward to speaking with you and learning more about how I can help you.



shutterstock 391038118 3Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can benefit anyone looking for support to navigate stress and life changes such as going away to college, entering the workforce, retiring, welcoming a child into the family, or grief/loss of a loved one.  Maybe you are wanting symptom relief from anxiety, depression or bipolar, or just feeling stagnant or unsatisfied with a job or relationship and looking to increase the quality of your life.  

Screen Shot 2017 08 11 at 8.26.33 AMCouples Therapy

Couples therapy can be helpful to anyone deciding to stay or leave a relationship, wanting to change frustrating communication patterns, or looking for help with sexual issues, lack of intimacy or trust. Premarital counseling, co-parenting, or bringing a child into the relationship are all great reasons to strengthen emotional bonds within a couple. 

shutterstock 579188062 2Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can benefit individual and couples who are looking to have a healthy and satisfying sex life by overcoming obstacles including intimacy avoidance, shame and embarrassment, sexual trauma, negative body image, recovery from infidelity, and performance issues.



Please find more information about our services on other pages of our site. The list of services we offer are Sex therapy, Yoga therapy, Individual therapy, Couples therapy, Group therapy. I have enjoyed serving the cities of Northbrook, Highland Park and others for many years.